Episode 6: NFL Player Agent Howard Shatsky on Player Safety, Getting Cut and Hard Knocks

This week, we speak with NFL player agent Howard Shatsky about the personal side of NFL football. Over the course of ten minutes, Shatsky tells us what happens to players when they get cut or injured and how he advises them on financial matters. Perhaps the most surprising part of the interview is Shatsky’s answer to a question on player safety. We asked him if players speak to him about the NFL’s effect on their long term health. His answer: “In all honestly, I’ve never been asked that question.” Shocking. Listen in for the full interview.  

You can follow Howard on Twitter (we recommend it): @HowardShatsky


Episode 5: Breaking News Online With Weed Dude

Michael Rusch, aka: @weeddude, is one of the best in the business at breaking news online. Just take a look at his @mentions on Twitter and you’ll find journalists of all stripes, from the AP to BuzzFeed, retweeting his content to their followers. On The Program caught up with Weed Dude on location in Bushwick, to talk about his Twitter handle and approach to breaking news. Take a listen and let us know what you think. 


Episode 4: Tumblr’s Election Coverage, Life at the RNC

Sent to Tampa on assignment for Tumblr, Meg Lanker-Simons took the Republican National Convention by storm. In just a few short days, she produced a steady stream of content, including audio interviews with everyone from former RNC chairman Michael Steele to Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. I recently wrote about Tumblr’s editorial coverage for Forbes and thought Meg would be a natural fit for On The Program. She joins us to speak about her experiences at the RNC and the experience of reporting for Tumblr’s election blog. (Editors note: This episode is longer than usual)

Check out Meg’s Tumblr blog, Cognitive Dissonance 


Episode 3: Romney’s Healthcare Plan, Obamacare’s Repeal-ability

As the US presidential election heads into its final stretch, perhaps the campaigns will finally spend more time talking about substantive issues. While we at On The Program encourage them to do so, we’re not interested in waiting around. To that end, we’re starting a series on healthcare policy with policy advisor Richard Schwabacher. Our goal is to get into the meat of this divisive issue and figure out what actually separates the Obama and Romney plans. 

You can follow Richard on Twitter at @RCSDX


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Episode 2: David Pogue On His Proposal, Second Chances At Love

David Pogue, an award winning columnist and correspondent for outlets such as CBS and The New York Times, recently made headlines himself when he posted his recent proposal to Nikki Dugan online. The proposal, which according to Pogue has racked up over 300,000 hits, is original and touching. Pogue agreed to join On The Program for a short interview about the proposal. If you hit play, make sure to listen (or scroll ahead to) the final question, where Pogue talks about second chances at love. 

Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it:


Episode 1: Anthony Weiner, Life After Politics, The Twitter Election.

Eric Koch of Hiltzik Strategies joins us for our inaugural episode. We met each other five years ago in the district office of then Rep. Anthony Weiner (I was an intern, Eric was on the press desk) so naturally, that topic is where we begin.

You can find Eric on Twitter at @EricDKoch


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