Episode 3: Romney’s Healthcare Plan, Obamacare’s Repeal-ability

As the US presidential election heads into its final stretch, perhaps the campaigns will finally spend more time talking about substantive issues. While we at On The Program encourage them to do so, we’re not interested in waiting around. To that end, we’re starting a series on healthcare policy with policy advisor Richard Schwabacher. Our goal is to get into the meat of this divisive issue and figure out what actually separates the Obama and Romney plans. 

You can follow Richard on Twitter at @RCSDX


Episode 1: Anthony Weiner, Life After Politics, The Twitter Election.

Eric Koch of Hiltzik Strategies joins us for our inaugural episode. We met each other five years ago in the district office of then Rep. Anthony Weiner (I was an intern, Eric was on the press desk) so naturally, that topic is where we begin.

You can find Eric on Twitter at @EricDKoch